World’s Newest Statistical Office Celebrates Statistics2013

March 25, 2013

in Blog

The Statistics Centre–Abu Dhabi (SCAD) is very pleased to participate in the International Year of Statistics. As possibly the newest statistical office in the world (SCAD commenced its work in April 2009), this high-profile event will shed a positive light on SCAD and statistics generally in the Emirate. In fact, SCAD will be hosting an international conference in May on the role of statistics in contributing to development, focusing specifically on the importance of quality in administrative data. Additionally, an Abu Dhabi Statistical Excellence Award will be launched also in May.

SCAD’s vision is to be a recognized statistics center supporting the development effort of Abu Dhabi. The Centre aims to develop and organize a statistical system in the Emirate and provide relevant and reliable official statistics to policy-makers, the business community and the public.
SCAD recognizes the importance of statistics to society and believes in the tangible benefits that can be gained when governments, businesses and the general public make use of official statistics.

To provide statistics of the highest quality, SCAD has a number of values that it adheres to:

  • Independence: Maintain independence in the selection of methodologies, definitions and data sources, and in the timing of releases.
  • Transparency: Apply transparent and widely accepted procedures, communicating methodologies and adopting unbiased approach.
  • Reliability: Strive for accuracy and consistency in collecting, processing, storing and disseminating official statistics.
  • User focus: Meet the needs of users with relevant data, enable easy access to information, and release official statistics in a timely way.
  • Confidentiality: Guarantee privacy of individual Information.

SCAD believes these values are important principles for the construction and dissemination of statistics to our clients. In this exciting year of recognition for the role of statistics in society, SCAD wishes all producers and users of statistics a wonderful celebration and much success.