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What is Statistics?

When many people hear the word "statistics," they think of either sports-related numbers or the college class they took and barely passed. While statistics can be thought about in these terms, there is more to the relationship between you and statistics than you probably imagine.

So, what is statistics? Several informal definitions are offered in the book A Career in Statistics: Beyond the Numbers by Gerald Hahn and Necip Doganaksoy:

  • The science of learning from (or making sense out of) data
  • The theory and methods of extracting information from observational data for solving real-world problems
  • The science of uncertainty
  • The quintessential interdisciplinary science
  • The art of telling a story with [numerical] data

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Stats LifeThumbnail image for Why Medical Journals Must Make Researchers Share Data from Clinical Trials

This month a new BMJ policy on sharing data from clinical trials takes effect. From July 1 2015, the authors of all clinical trials published by the journal must agree to make individual patient data from the trial available to other researchers upon reasonable request. Among major medical journals, only PLOS also requires data sharing as a condition of publication.

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World Population Clock

Below are The World of Statistics participating organization events and activities around the world that will be conducted during July. To see the complete list of activities for 2015, please click here.

World of Statistics Blog

By Alexey Ponomarenko

On August 19, 1872, the headlines of St. Petersburg newspapers focused on the outcomes of one large-scale international meeting that had just concluded in the then-Russian capital: the 8th International Statistical Congress.

The conference’s key outcomes were worth discussing. Participants had finally agreed, among other things, to set up a permanent commission that would implement the resolutions of the congress and to produce an international publication on comparative statistics. The reviewers also praised the contribution of Russian statisticians to the proceedings.

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Significance MagazineThumbnail image for Where is Donald Trump’s Statistician?

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States, he included a racist insult directed at those citizens who came to the US from Mexico. Apart from his words being abhorrent, it’s also a baffling strategy to follow for a candidate looking to reach the White House in the 21st century.

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Census at School

Challenge Yourself Today!

We are proud to introduce Stats2013AtSchool—a Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education and American Statistical Association special project expressly designed for schools and students worldwide in support of The World of Statistics.

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Census at School is a free, web-based classroom project that engages primary and secondary school students in statistical problemsolving using their own data. This international educational initiative, launched in 2000 in the United Kingdom by the Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education, has programs operating in several countries.

Click here to view the Census at School program in your country or others around the world.

Statistician Job of the WeekThumbnail image for Sandra De Iaco: A Natural Talent for Research and Teaching

By Donato Posa

I have known Professor Sandra De Iaco since 1994. She has been my best student during my 20-year academic career. I was the supervisor of her Master’s thesis and her tutor during her doctoral thesis.

Since she was a student, she has shown a natural talent for research and teaching; indeed, she won the prize as the Best Young Researcher during the International Conference COMPSTAT 2000 in Utrecht, Holland. She can combine theoretical and computational skills.

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